via Daily Prompt: Blur

Life has been a blur for the past several months after loosing my mother last July. I have trouble remembering things and getting things done. It has made my mind a blur. I have trouble focusing on tasks and this makes life difficult to function in. I have trouble remembering the errands I need to run. I forget the laundry, and even forget that I put my tea to steep. It has been a rough road and this is just one of the things I am dealing with due to her passing. I wish I could just turn back the clock and start over.


Deep Thoughts on the Legging

A friend shared this with me and I have to say this woman is right on. I look at middle school girls running around in these things and want to yell at them to cover up. I know that is the mother in me, but it shows way too much. I dated a guy in college who told me that he thought one piece bathing suits were sexier, because they left more to the imagination. Well ladies, leggings do not leave anything to the imagination. Cover Up!!!!!